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Whether you want to sell your closets or purchase unique items to fill it, Portélo is the go-to online marketplace for high-end fashion products in Mexico.


The goal

The challenge

Buying and selling high-end products has its own set of complexities and challenges. However, selling them online in Mexico and LATAM has its own set of complexities and challenges. However, selling them online in a marketplace like Mexico and LATAM is it's own monster in and of itself.

How we help them

The solution

Portèlo offers a superb end-to-end user experience by leveraging cutting-edge technologies to verify both buyers and sellers as well as product authenticity verification. If you love high-end quality fashion, Portèlo is your go-to shop.


Which insights could we gather?

Some of the many insights we got were the ones that helped us build a better user experience.

  • This is what we found:
  • 1

    Buyers want certainty that the products they’re purchasing are genuine.

  • 2

    Sellers want to easily sell their closets without the risk of fraud and back charges.


Meet Portèlo

UI Elements

Colors & Typography

Portèlo’s UI design strikes the right balance between elegance and usability.


Both colors together express an experience of elegance, beauty, finesse and impeccable aesthetics. They are strictly related to the brand concept.






By using only one typography, a sans serif, we keep the user's attention on the products and this allows us to showcase the beautiful pictures.

SF Compact Display




Century Gothic




Product design

User interface

Portèlo’s interface was carefully crafted to increase product discoverability as well as offering a seamless shopping experience.


Love at first sight

Easily browse through Portèlo's vast variety of high-end fashion items. You're sure to find something you'll fall in love with.

Portèlo's store screen

Secure checkout

Not only are buyers and sellers verified but by leveraging leading payment processors all your purchases are 100% secure.

Discover hidden gems

Don't know what to look for? Don't worry! Portèlo's huge library of carefully selected products is categorized to help you discover beautiful new additions for your closet.


Find what you're looking for

No matter what you’re looking for, you can find it at Portèlo. Their powerful search feature coupled up with filters, categories allows you to zero in on that much sought after product.

Portèlo's store screen
Woman in orange dress.

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